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Trade Roots products are a reflection of our beach town heritage and our South Coast roots. We produce only the highest-quality product and remain committed to delivering the finest flower, locally grown and produced on-site—simply put, Trade Roots offers products grown in Mass, not en masse.

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Captain's Reserve Vape Cartridges

Vape Cartridge - New Weight 0.5g

Our HTFSE Butane Hash Oil cartridges are a game changer. The closest thing to a dab, in a pen.​  Strain specific, limited runs, made with liquid diamonds. They’re everybody’s best friend.  Our distillate is produced in small batches for unparalleled potency, purity and clarity. Blended with premium cannabis derived terpenes, Captain’s Reserve provides an exceptionally smooth vaping experience.

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Captain's Reserve Concentrates

Concentrate - New Weight 1g

Our concentrates are unique collaborations with cultivators across the Commonwealth.  Focusing on the true profile of the plant, our hydrocarbon extraction is of the utmost quality.  There’s no turning back after sailing with The Captain.

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Trade Roots Craft Flower

Flower - New Weight 3.5g

Flower is at the root of all great cannabis products and ours is grown on-site in our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure freshness and quality. Bud isn’t the only green in our operation, though—our innovative and environmentally friendly grow system recycles roughly 80% of the water used for irrigation. Stop by our retail shop to say “high,” and you can even see one of our three flower grow rooms through a large picture window inside the dispensary.

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Captains Reserve Tinctures

Tincture - Bottle Size 30ml

The cranberries of Wareham influenced our smooth and effective tincture blend. The bog berry is hard at work providing the relaxion and effect you’re looking for.

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Our Lab

The lab at Trade Roots is a key component in the making of our product and where craft intersects with science. No expense has been spared in the creation of our lab—it’s ultra-modern, features the latest in high-tech equipment, and is the envy of the cannabis industry.

Our Garden

In Trade Roots’ brand new grow room in Wareham, Massachusetts, we cultivate some of the choicest flower you’ll find. Our grow rooms are among the greenest in the state, thanks to an innovative system that recycles about 80% of the water used for irrigation. Come and see for yourself—Trade Roots is home to the only open flower grow room east of Michigan, which you can look at through a huge picture window in our dispensary.

Our Team

The Trade Roots team is dedicated to the craft of cannabis. To us, this means taking the extra step to do things the right way and putting a tremendous amount of thought and care into every step of the process—from seed to sale.

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774 227 6697

Six Thatcher Ln, Wareham, MA 02571

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