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Double Baked


Hoping to break away from the pack with something new,
we at Double Baked found our answer by looking to the
past. Inspired by our favorite desserts’ simple flavors and whole ingredients, we developed a line of delicious, comforting treats infused with a different kind of fire. At Double Baked, it’s our pleasure to help create warm and
delicious memories, one bite at a time.

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At Cannatini, we envision a world that reaches “For Higher Spirits.” A world with better flavors and fewer hangovers, where people drink less and chill more. Our mission is to bring cannabis into the mainstream with unique, adult-themed flavors, 5mg at a time.

Cannatini was made by adults for adults. Breaking out of the typical cannabis product mold, Cannatini is for adults looking for the best tasting, consistently dosed, high-quality cannabis-infused products. Perfect for a night out or intimate gathering, Cannatini is here to bring beer vibes, fewer hangovers and a smooth, delicious cannabis experience.

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We’re InHouse – and we pride ourselves on offering a variety of high-quality cannabis products that are highly enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re a cannabis newcomer or a seasoned expert, we’ve got you covered with hand-grown flower, tasty vapes in flavors and strains, and all-natural fast-acting gummies. Customize your experience with InHouse and enjoy our quality cannabis – From our house to yours. Cheers!

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