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Cannabis Dispensary located in Wareham, MA

Our Products

As a small, independent craft cannabis company with deep ties to our community, we care about every product that we make. Whether it’s our small batch flower, cured and live resin concentrates, live diamonds and sauce, or our convenient vapes– everything produced by Trade Roots is something we’re proud of. Simply put, Trade Roots offers products made in Mass, not en masse.

Trade Roots Categories Concentrates

TRade Roots Concentrates

Concentrate – New Weight 1g

Our limited run, award-winning cured and live resin concentrates are sought after by connoisseurs from around the State. Whether extracted from Trade Roots flower, or part of a collaboration with one of our partners, everything that comes out of our lab is straight fire.

Trade Roots Categories Flower

Trade Roots Craft Flower

Flower – New Weight 3.5g
With our thoughtfully curated genetics library, and a passionate cultivation team with decades of experience, Trade Roots is constantly dropping new strains that stand out on menus throughout the State.

Trade Roots Categories Pre-Rolls


Pre-Rolls – New Weight 1g / .5g

Only made from bud; never trim. Trade Roots pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy Trade Roots craft flower. Available in singles and three packs.

Trade Roots Categories Vape

Trade roots Vape Cartridges

Vape Cartridge – New Weight 0.5g
A convenient way to enjoy Trade Roots concentrates. Made with superlative hardware, and available in cured and live resin, live liquid diamonds, as well as distillate with cannabis derived terpenes.

Our Lab

The lab at Trade Roots is the intersection where art meets science. With diverse flavor profiles, textures, and  consistencies, our experienced technicians continually produce some of the most sought after extractions in the State. Try our high TAC distillate vapes, single source live and cured resins, or live diamonds and sauce and see what the hype is about.

Our Garden

With full spectrum LED lights, and an automated watering, feeding and environmental system, our experienced, team of forward looking veteran cultivators, “pollen chuckers,” and post harvest technicians consistently produce some of the most sought after flower in the State.

Our Team

Our Team at Trade Roots is dedicated to producing a diverse selection of craft cannabis and cannabis products to The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Trade Roots Cannabis Products