Trade Roots - Wareham's Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in Wareham, MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Jeremy Cleary
    11/19/2023 01:09 AM
    Definitely not your average dispensary. This place doesn't move customers through the building like cattle. they actually took their time explaining to me all the little nuances of the device I purchased. And the incredible grow room thats behind the counter is worth stopping in for as its ever changing.
  • Melinda
    11/14/2023 05:22 PM
    Trade Roots is my go to dispensary and has been for a year now. I love the products, love the staff, and I love the deals and prices!
    11/12/2023 03:11 PM
    Very knowledgeable of products The staff is very understanding, and very friendly. Price, Very reasonable
  • Nate Wordell
    11/11/2023 03:45 PM
    Im a med patient and came to this dispensary and had the best experience here
  • Miles Jackson
    11/03/2023 04:56 PM
    They have the best selection of concentrate at the best prices anywhere in the stateā€¦guaranteed!
  • steve MacDougall
    10/29/2023 04:32 PM
  • Melanie Camacho
    10/23/2023 11:18 PM
    Paul is the best!! So friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. He is knowledgeable, and everything he recommended was just what I was looking for! Will always look for him in the future to help me. Best service!!
  • Daejon Rodericks
    10/18/2023 01:08 PM
    Great service and great weed!! New favorite spot
  • Brendan Clarke
    10/17/2023 03:35 PM
    One of my favorite around, always has friendly and helpful staff. Products are top quality, their in house made concentrates are second to none as well as competitive pricing. Absolutely recommend to anyone in the area.
  • Matthew Blye
    10/13/2023 10:59 AM
    Love this place in everyway. The aesthetic environment is amazing but the selection was unreal and Soo good.