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Apotho Therapeutics Truffle Monkey | Pre-Roll

Tropic Truffle x Grease Monkey

Flavor Profile: Earthy, Sweet,

A light daytime pain relief strain, Truffle Monkey offers a strong cerebral high and sweet flavor with energetic focus without the harsh comedown that many Sativa strains give. Patients have reported that this strain has been helpful with symptoms related to inflammation due to arthritis.

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Apotho Therapeutics Red Sangira | Pre-Roll

Sangria is an indica-dominant hybrid with powerful analgesic and sedative effects. Vintners Moonshine and Querkle parentage combine to produce a richly pungent aroma in the mature flowers of Sangria. An initial burst of sour grape mellows to red wines and vodka—and one sniff is never enough. This is couchlock cannabis that intoxicates.

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Apotho Therapeutics The Super Soap | Pre-Roll

Leaning more on the sativa side, the buzz from The Soap has a refreshing irish spring like quality. Taking a toke is like scrubbing yourself naked in a waterfall out in nature. The slight tinge of mint adds an effervescent quality that opens up the senses. We love it for creative activities or day hikes in the mountains.

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Lazy River Products Zack’s Cake | Pre-Rolls (2pk)

The Zack’s Cake cannabis strain is a balanced hybrid and was created by the prolific Jungle Boys Farm: “We are a collective of Los Angeles cultivators working towards a singular mission: to grow clean and potent cannabis.”

It was created by crossing the popular ‘Zack’s Pie’ & ‘Jungle Cake’ strains – and has become widely known for its earthy, spicy, pastry-evoking flavor – with a high THC percentage, its uplifting 50/50 indica/sativa ratio is perfect for daytime activities and great conversation.

Some notable beneficial terpenes in Zack’s Cake are Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool. Our Lazy River Products cultivation crew has the utmost respect for the Jungle Boys collective, and is beyond grateful to work with their seeds and provide these stellar buds for our customers.

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Apotho Therapeutics Runtz | Pre-Roll

he Runtz effects range from calming to tingly-sleepy, the kind of feeling you get when you feel justified doing absolutely nothing at all. We recommend Runtz as a perfect companion for a spa day, a long nap, a do-nothing lazy Saturday, or a movie marathon It makes you hungry too so appetite-suppressed users will love getting their cravings kickstarted by the flavors of citrus and pine.

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Lazy River Products Blue Slushie | Pre-Rolls (2pk)

It sure is hard not to have a thirst for one of the latest selections in our ever-growing lineup: Raw Genetics’ classic, Blue Slushie. This cultivar will leave a stimulating impression on your taste buds, and beyond! Coming from excellent breeding, both newcomers and cannabis connoisseurs alike will love these nugs for their thick green, purple, & orange-hued flowers, as well as their cloudy trichomes.

This potent hybrid was created by crossing ‘Blue Cookies’ (Girl Scout Cookies x Blueberry) with ‘Georgia Pie’ (Gelatti x KM11). As you can probably already tell from this lineage, Blue Slushie is a pungent variety with gassy notes of minty Kush bursting from its buds, enticing you into sparking up a balanced blend of naturally delightful wellness.

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Lazy River Products Fritter Licker | Pre-Rolls (2pk)

very balanced hybrid that has a little bit more of a body-high than a cerebral-high, which is perfect for afternoon or evening use. The main benefits of this strain are its ability to ease severe pain as well as tackle any anxiety you might be dealing with. The parent strains that make up the beloved Fritter Licker are very popular and well-known strains across the United States, and those parent strains are Apple Fritter x Face Off OG. Apple Fritter, being a balanced hybrid with a strong sense of focus and creativity, compliments the relaxing and calming effects that Face Off OG has been known to give cannabis users for years now.

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PAX Wifi Mints Live Rosin Pods | 0.5g

If you’re an Indica fan, you’re gonna love connecting to this Wifi. Wifi Mints is an Indica-dominant cross of White Fire and Animal Mints famed for its distinct floral aroma. A spicy, funky warmth with notes of cinnamon and cloves accompany a dreamy, relieving effect. When you need to unwind, log on to Wifi Mints and stream your favorite content from any device. Available in 0.5G and 1G PAX Era pods.

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PAX Lemon Cake Live Rosin Pod | 1g

You’re gonna want seconds of this cake. Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominant Hybrid cross of Vietnam Land Race, Skunk #1, Thai and NL5. A tart, lemony upfront flavor and a creamy, almost cake batter aftertaste accompany its delightfully energetic and creative effects. Lemon Cake serves up a lively twist to your favorite slice-of-life moments. Available in 0.5G and 1G PAX Era pods.

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Pax Era Guava Gelato | Pax Pod

If you love rich, fruity cannabis strains, Guava Gelato is the strain for you. As you can tell from the delicious-sounding name, this cannabis is sweet, flavorful, and tropical. Interested in trying it out? Explore our guide to discover Guava Gelato’s background and effects.

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Blue River Grapes and Cream | Live Rosin Cart

Variety: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Extraction Method: Mechanically extracted solvent-less processed flower.

Lineage: Grape Pie x Cookies and Cream

Effects: Calming, creative, relaxing

Flavors: Grape, pear, vanilla

Aromas: Grape, fruity, sweet
Blue River™ Live Rosin Sauce Cartridges are mechanically derived from Blue River™ Live Rosin using our proprietary advanced mechanical separation techniques, known as Blue River™ AMST, to create unadulterated, strain specific, terpene-rich solventless oil that delivers true authentic flavor and full spectrum effects.

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