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Trade Roots Georgia Pie | Smalls

Lineage: Gellati x Kush Mintz
Flavors: Nutty, Dough, and Cream
Aromas: sweet Cherry, Earthy, and Herbs
Georgia Pie is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Gellati X Kush Mints strains. Although it’s hard to find outside of the Colorado area, Georgia Pie is a favorite among breeders and patients alike for its delicious flavor, sturdy structure and full-bodied high. This bud packs a sweet fruity berry flavor with hints of rich cherries and nutty dough. The aroma is very similar, although with hints of earthy herbs to it, too. The Georgia Pie high settles in a few minutes after your final toke, slowly working its way through your mind into a lifted state of pure happiness and euphoria that’s lightly tingly and hazy in nature. This tingly effect will soon work its way throughout the rest of your body, leaving you calm, totally at ease and pretty hungry at times.
Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation
Bred By: Seed Junky

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Trade Roots Vortex | Smalls

Lineage: Apollo 13 x Space Queen

Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Lemon, Sweet, Tropical

Aromas: Citrus, Lemon, Mango, Sour, Sweet

Top Terps: Terpinolene, B-Myrcene, Trans Caryophyllene

Description: This is a sativa-dominant strain with the indica/sativa ration of 20:80. This is a hybrid strain that was first created by TGA Genetics by crossing ‘Apollo 13 Strain’ with ‘Space Queen Strain’. This strain won the #1 rank in “2010 Cannabis Cup” and “2010 High Times Medicinal Cup”. The plant is featuring neon-green colored buds that would lately become resin-coated and snowy-white colored ones. They will be colored by fiery orange-colored hairs all over. Typically, the plant would grow like a vine with its weaker stems. This strain became more popular due to its taste and smell which are similar to fruit mixture. The taste of Vortex will have the traces of mango and lemon in addition to the spices and diesel fuel. The aroma will be fruity with the tropical punch. This high THC content of the strain could produce a two-hour high. Vortex is found to be a good afternoon strain which could relieve the patients from migraine. This is also found to be advantageous for the people who are fighting depression, anxiety and stress.

Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation

Bred By: TGA

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Trade Roots Peach Hashplant | smalls

Lineage: Peach Romulan x 88G13/HP

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Hashy

Aromas: Peaches with a hint of gas

Top Terps: Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene


Peach HashPlant is a hybrid flower bred by Bhodi Seeds that is known for its sweet Peachy Earthy hash flavor and aroma. This strain is a cross of Romulan and 88G13/HP, and it is often recommended for those who are looking for a strong indica-dominant strain that will provide them with relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation

Bred By: Bhodi Seeds

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Trade Roots G.M.O | Smalls

GMO has the hype behind it, backed by THC, for users driven by a crazy obsession to taste its unique, spicy flavor. The strain can put you down and knock you out, wielding a somewhat mysterious genetic lineage against the stresses of your broken brain.GMO and locked its sights on experienced users, those who don’t mind a little extra spice (and a lot of extra kick).

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Trade Roots Peanut Butter Breath

Lineage: Dosidos X Mendobreath F2

Flavors: Earthy, Nutty, Sweet, slight pepper

Aromas: Pine, Nutty, Earthy, Sweet

Top Terps: Limonene, Linalool, Beta-Pinene, Humalene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta Myrcene, Ocimene, Bisabolol, Terpinolene

Description: Peanut Butter Breath is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the classic Dosidos X Mendobreath F2 strains. With this bud, the name says it all – the flavor is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone. The aroma follows the same profile: an earthy herbal overtone accented by a rich nuttiness.

Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation

Bred By: Thug Pug Genetics

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Trade Roots Butters | Live Resin Cartridge

Butters is the result of a cross between two of Bodhi Seeds’ most highly acclaimed strains, butterscoth and sunshine daydream. This hybrid has been known to knock out even the most experienced users with its heavy body high and couch-locking effects, while still being creative and mind altering. The flavor profile is intense, with a sweet and earthy taste that is reminiscent of hash.

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Trade Roots Trilla | Live Resin

Lineage: GG#4 x Platinum Candy Mintz

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Grape drink

Aromas: Floral with a hint of gas

Top Terps: Linalool, Limonene, B-Pinene,


Trilla is a hybrid strain that is a cross between GG#4 and Platinum Candy Mintz. It has a chemical diesel scent with a rich fruity exhale that tastes slightly of grape drink mix. The aroma is sweet and floral with a slight diesel overtone and a hint of berries. The buds are large, purple nuggets that are covered in frosty white trichomes. They are known to be sticky and break up nicely. Trilla is known for its slowly building onset, with a lifted sense of euphoria that quickly turns into a state of deep physical relaxation. It can be sedative, potentially causing users to feel glued to their seats for hours on end.

Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation

Bred By: Sugar Shack Extracts

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Trade Roots Lemon Lollipop | Diamonds and Sauce

Introducing Lemon Lollipop Diamonds and Sauce, a premium cannabis concentrate that is a cross of Oregon lemons and Blue Magoo BX2. This unique blend offers a refreshing flavor profile with undertones of pine, lavender, and rose. The invigorating high provided by Lemon Lollipop Diamonds and Sauce is perfect for those looking for focus without mental over-stimulation. Elevate your cannabis experience with this top-quality concentrate today!

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Trade Roots Indiana Bubble Gum | Cured Resin Syringe

Introducing the Indiana Bubblegum Cured Resin Syringe, a high-potency THC:CBD oral syringe created for those looking for a powerful cannabis experience. With a ratio of 7:1 (around 70% THC and 10% CBD), this resin is made from Indiana Bubble Gum Flower extracted in-house to ensure the highest quality and purity. Enjoy the benefits of this potent syringe and discover a new level of relief and relaxation.

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Church Cannabis Company Ice Cream Cake | Disposable Vape

The New Church All-In-One Rechargeable Disposable is arguably the most Robust, Heavy Ripping, Concealable Vaporizer on the market today. This device packs a punch with its Advanced Ceramic Heating Element and Preset Temperature Control backed by 530mAh of power. No need to purchase any other components. Just Grip It and Rip It! 

Lineage: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33

Flavors: Cheesy, Creamy, Nutty, Sweet

Aromas: Cheese, Creamy, Earthy, Nutty, Pungent

Top Terps: Limonene, Trans Caryophyllene, B-Farnesene

Description: Ice Cream Cake is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain (75% Indica /25% Sativa) created through a cross of the Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake strains. With this bud, the name says it all in the flavor department. Ice Cream Cake packs a super delicious cheesy creamy flavor with a sweet nuttiness that lingers long after you finish your final toke. The aroma is of the same nature, with a light pungent effect to it that’s released as the nugs are burned. The Ice Cream Cake high is just as beautiful as the flavor, with lifted and relaxing effects that will have you kicking back in no time flat. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects that lift your mind into a state of pure happiness and ease, pushing out any negative or racing thoughts immediately. Soon after, a relaxing body high will start to creep into your physical form, leaving you falling deeper and deeper into a couch-locked state of sedation before you eventually begin to drift away. This bud has small dense grape-shaped forest green nugs with thick orange hairs and frosty white crystal trichomes.

Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation

Bred By: Seed Junky Genetics

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Church Cannabis Company Watermelon Zkittles | Distillate Vape

🏆 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts – Winner – Best Vape 🏆

Juicy tangy Watermelon dominates the fruity landscape of this well balanced Indica strain. Hints of berries and orchard fruit can be detected as well.

Church 510 Cartridges offer a robust and impressive aesthetic, quartz glass tank, advanced ceramic heating element and an adjustable airflow bezel that allows you to control your vaping experience.

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