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RAW Raw Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Raw Classic Unbleached Smoking Regular 1 1.4 (1.25) Papers are 100 percent unbleached which gives a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres which results in a thin golden brown almost translucent smoking paper. The paper is individual watermarked with a Criss Cross which helps prevents runs and creates a more even burning rolling paper. Once alight the taste is clean, pure and natural. One single pack contains 50 leaves.

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Cannatini Sour Grape Sangria | RSO Chews | 100mg

RSO Indica Sour Grape Sangria- Our 20pk Sour Grape Sangria chews burst with intense grape flavor that finishes with a delightful sour lemon bite. Infused with our Full-Spectrum RSO Indica extract, which packs a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Like the beverages that have inspired us, Cannatini Adult Chews are crafted to enhance a good time and taste great while doing it. Elevating spirits with unique, adult-themed flavors – 5mg at a time.

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Trade Roots x Suncrafted Mountain Top Mint | Live Resin

Mountain Top Mint Live Resin is a special collaboration between Trade Roots and Suncrafted, resulting in a unique strain that combines the best of The Bling and MAC Mints. This live resin offers a sweet and herbal aroma that will please your senses with every inhale. Not only does Mountain Top Mint Live Resin smell amazing, but it also delivers an uplifting and sociable high. This strain can enhance your mood and creativity, making it perfect for those seeking a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply want to enhance your social interactions, Mountain Top Mint Live Resin is the ideal choice.

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Sweet Spot Energize | Sweet Spot | 100MG

Milly’s SWEETSPOT Hard Shell Chocolates coat decadent chocolate in a crunchy outer shell. SWEETSPOTs offer consumers a lower dosage with faster onset, making them perfect for cannabis users looking to start low and go slow while finding their SWEETSPOT! Our ENERGIZE formula offers an uplifting and energetic head high. Our liposomal encapsulation process breaks up the distillate into smaller particles increasing bioavailability for a faster onset.

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Trade Roots Cookies & Cream | Smalls

Lineage: Cookies and Cream x Cookies and Cream
Flavors: Sweet, Creamy, and Smooth
Aromas: Pungent and Sweet
Cookies and Cream (or Cookies N’ Cream) is a smooth and sweet-tasting hybrid that offers a long-lasting and balanced high. Created by breeders Exotic Genetix, this strain is a cross between two hybrids: pungent Starfighter and an unnamed one of the many different phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies.A well-rounded strain that won’t leave you either too couch-locked or too paranoid to function, Cookies and Cream is a great option for any time of day. It’s equally enjoyable in social and solo settings, as long as smokers are in a relaxed setting and maintain a positive outlook
Grown By: Trade Roots Cultivation
Bred By: Exotic Genetics

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Northeast Alternatives Garlicane | Pre-Roll

GARLICANE (IH) – The product of combining the GMO and Slurricane strains, Garlicane is an indica-dominant hybrid whose fans describe as having a heavy-footed, spacy high with sensory enhancing qualities perfect for creative types. Garlicane’s fragrance is sweet and earthy on the exterior, but when ground up it’s like a gas line ruptured. Its flavor is carried by notes of sweet citrus, earth, and diesel. The garlic taste associated with GMO is detectable but muted. Purple hues like a color swatch cover the pale green surface of its buds. No need to board up the windows for this Garlicane, but you may want to nail the cupboards shut in preparation of Category 5 munchies

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Northeast Alternatives Kine Garlic Tsunami | Pre-Roll

KINE GARLIC TSUNAMI (SH)- Premium: Our Garlic Tsunami is a unique in-house bred cross of Garlic Breath x Sour Tsunami, resulting in an incredibly balanced and full spectrum experience. Perfect for any time of day, our Garlic Tsunami is a Sativa-Leaning Hybrid and possesses a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, which is partially responsible for the full bodied experience our Tsu is known for.

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In House Strawberry Gummies 1:1 | 100mg

InHouse Gummies are sweet treats available in delicious flavors at a way nice price. Naturally flavored and colored with real fruit juice and made without preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup, our gummies are also vegan & gluten-free. What makes InHouse gummies unique are the different ratios of THC with minor cannabinoids like CBD and CBN.

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